A new sticker book series that finds something special in everyday adventures.

Hello. I’m The Biff, and this is my dog, Finny. We’re best friends. Can I tell you a secret? Finny talks to me — with words and sentences and stuff! Finny is very wise. When we’re together, all sorts of good things happen. Being with Finny gives me a happy feeling that I love to share.

Finny & The Biff Book One Be Amazing Cover

Book One: “Be Amazing” available now!

This feel-good sticker storybook series is sure to capture the hearts of both young readers and adults. Featuring themes like kindness, friendship, and understanding, Finny & The Biff bring positivity to everyday adventures.

Finny & The Biff Book Two Be Anything Cover

Book Two: “Be Anything” available now!

In the next inspiring sticker storybook of the Finny and The Biff series, readers will have fun with Biff and her furry best friend, Finny, as they imagine all the things they can become when they grow up.

Finny & The Biff Book Three Be Yourself Cover

Book Three: “Be Yourself” available now!

Finny and The Biff are back again with a third sticker storybook! Spend the day with our favorite duo as they discover that being yourself is more than okay—it’s really special.

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